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You can use this function to record inspection results using the Intranet or Internet. As shown in the graphic, you can use this type of results recording for a source inspection:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The ordering parties make a HTML recording screen for inspection results accessible to their vendor using the Intranet or Internet. In this way, the vendor can record summarized results and single values for an inspection lot.

The following count as summarized results:

  • A single measured value or the mean value
  • An attribute code from a selection list
  • The number of nonconforming units
  • The number of defects

The following count as single results:

  • A single measured value
  • The number of defects

The following attributes can be set for a given measured value (summarized or single value):




True value is less than or equal to; valid result


True value is greater than or equal to; valid result


Result negligible; valid result


Result not determinable; valid result


Invalid result



Single values can no longer be deleted, if they have been saved to the database. You can overwrite the single values. You can use the attribute "/" to mark a measured value as invalid.


For results recording using the Intranet or Internet, the following prerequisites must be met by the person who supplies the HTML recording screen (in this case, the ordering party):

  • An Internet Transaction Server is available.
  • In the SAP System, an alias is created for an R/3 user in user maintenance.

This alias identifies the WEB results recorder as an R/3 user.

  • In the SAP System, you have limited data selection using transaction QEW01V, and in this way created a user variant for an R/3 user. The user variant is called U_xxx (xxx represents the user's name).


The standard variant SAP&SOURCEINSP is available as a selection example for inspection lots that are defined for a source inspection. If required, this can be used as a copy model.

Process Flow

The following example process flow refers to a source inspection:


If results recording on the WEB should be accessed via the Workplace, the necessary hyperlink for calling up the service must be defined in the corresponding user role on the user page (vendor). For more information, see the role documentation

Structure linkLink: Results Recording on the Web. In addition, you need the necessary authorizations. For more information on authorization allocation, see the role documentation Structure linkResults Recording on the WEB - Processing.

If the function is not accessed via the Workplace, the service can be started in the Internet browser by entering the necessary hyperlink.


  1. Vendors log on via the Internet browser using
  2. service QEW01 at the premises of the ordering party. (The ordering party has an SAP System.)
  3. They enter their alias and password in the ordering party's system.
  4. A worklist for the relevant inspection lots is displayed.
  5. They select an inspection lot for results recording.
  6. A HTML recording screen appears with all the operations and corresponding characteristics for the inspection lot.
  7. They record inspection results.
  8. They save their entries and close the WEB results recording function.
  9. Result

    The recorded inspection results are in the vendor's system.



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