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Entering content frameObject documentation Adjustment Reasons (Infotype 0378)  


This infotype stores

adjustment reasons that determine the changes an employee can make to his/her benefits.


These infotype records allow you to track adjustment reasons that have occurred. The type of adjustment reason is the subtype of the record, and points to the permitted changes for the adjustment reason, as defined in Benefits customizing.

The validity of this record represents the period, within which the employee can make changes to benefits elections.

Thus when an employee has one of these infotype records, the system produces a

Structure linkbenefit offer in Structure linkenrollment that is valid for the validity period of this record. The benefit offer allows a restricted set of changes to existing enrollments, as defined for the adjustment reason in Customizing.



The benefit area is taken directly from the employee's

General Benefits Information (infotype 0171) record. This record must exist before you create an adjustment reason record.Leaving content frame