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Note that you can use the Occupational Health functions of the SAP Environment, Health and Safety component (SAP EH&S) instead of the Internal Medical Service infotype (0028). This component offers you extensive and easy-to-use functions in the area of Occupational Health and for planning and performing health surveillance protocols.

If you want to obtain an overview of the functions of this component, read the relevant section the SAP Library under

Structure linkEnvironment, Health and Safety -> Occupational Health.


You can store the results and data referring to an employee’s medical examination in the Internal Medical Service infotype (0028).

Subtypes are used to differentiate between internal medical services. The standard system contains the following examination types:

  • Subtype 0001: General data
  • Sub type 0002: Habits
  • Subtype 0003: Dermatological exam
  • Subtype 0004: Reproductive organs and urinalysis
  • Subtype 0005: Endocrinological exam
  • Subtype 0006: Digestive tract
  • Subtype 0007: Mobility
  • Subtype 0008: Blood circulation
  • Subtype 0009: Respiratory system
  • Subtype 0010: Hearing examination - noise
  • Subtype 0011: Hearing test
  • Subtype 0012: Nervous system
  • Subtype 0013: Vision
  • Subtype 0014: Systematic illnesses
  • Subtype 0020: Consultation hours
  • Subtype 0030: Occupational accidents and illnesses
  • Subtype 0031: Occupational accidents and illnesses
  • Subtype 0040: Accidents and illnesses
  • Subtype 0050: Absences
  • Subtype 0100: Legal considerations

Examination Data

When you edit a data record in the Internal Medical Service infotype (0028), the system proposes several Examination areas for each examination type.

Enter the results of the individual findings for the appropriate examination area in the field Value for the Examination area that you wanted to valuate.


You can only enter numeric values in the field Value.



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