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From the point of view of the system, a fiscal year change is the opening of a new fiscal year for a company code. At the fiscal year change, the asset values from the previous fiscal year are carried forward cumulatively into the new fiscal year. Once the fiscal year change takes place, you can post to assets using value dates in the new fiscal year. At the same time, you can continue to post in the previous fiscal year. You find the fiscal year change program under Periodic processing.

Process flow

The fiscal year change can only be carried out (even in test mode) for the new fiscal year. The earliest that you can carry out a fiscal year change is in the last month of the old fiscal year. You can choose any point in the new fiscal year for carrying out the fiscal year change. Before you can change to fiscal year YYYY, you must have already closed fiscal year YYYY - 2 (refer to

Year-End Closing). You can have a maximum of two fiscal years open for posting at one time.

No business transactions can be posted in a new fiscal year before the fiscal year change. You can continue to post in the old fiscal year, even after the fiscal year change. The system automatically corrects any values that are affected by postings in the past.

Background Processing

The fiscal year change has to be carried out as background processing for performance reasons. Therefore, start the report as a background job (in the selection screen of the report: Program

® Exec. in background). You can carry out test runs with fewer than 1000 assets in the foreground.

Error Log

The system carries out the fiscal year change for all assets, even if the assets have errors. The system provides statistics per company code for the assets that have been changed.

The system writes assets with errors to an error log and to a worklist (refer to

Tools). You can access a long text for the error messages that appear (Long text).

In the case of program termination, you can repeat the fiscal year change as often as required.


You close the fiscal year for bookkeeping using the year-end closing program. After you run the year-end closing program, it is no longer possible to post in the closed fiscal year (refer to

Carrying Out Year-End Closing).


Carrying Out Fiscal Year Change


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