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With this procedure you can check the availability of all material components assigned to a network, or the availability of an individual component.

If you change data in the network that influence the availability of material components, for instance dates or quantities, the system does not automatically trigger an availability check. To obtain current information about missing material after changes, you have to manually carry out another availability check. The same is true, if you have assigned components using

BOM transfer and have executed the assignment program again.

Checking all components

In the network header, or on the activity overview, select the menu options Edit

® Availability ® Material

The system checks the availability of all material components in the network. If there is a material shortage, the network receives the status material shortage. A dialog box appears from which you can go directly to the

check log, the missing parts list or missing parts overview

In the missing parts list and missing parts overview you can also check the availability of individual components, as described below.

Checking individual components

  1. Call up the component overview for an activity or network.
  2. Select the components whose availability you want to check.
  3. Choose Component®Availability ®
  4. Check availability.

    The Confirmation Proposal screen appears on which the following data is displayed:

      • The confirmed quantity on the requested date
      • The date for which the complete quantity can be confirmed
      • A confirmation suggestion

    You can go from this screen to the availability overview by choosing ATP quantities or display the scope availability check by choosing Scope of check.

    1. To display the ATP quantities, choose Goto ® Availability check.

    On the Availability overview the system lists the individual MRP elements. You can display period totals or go to the detail screens of the MRP elements.


    The network only receives the status material shortage if you check the availability of all components assigned to the network.




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