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The maintenance cycles and packages contain the time or performance condition when maintenance must be performed.


A distinction is made between

maintenance plan types which are created without a maintenance strategy and those created with one.
  • Maintenance Plans Without a Maintenance Strategy

You create maintenance cycles directly in the maintenance plan for maintenance plans that were created without a maintenance strategy (for example, single cycle plan or multiple counter plan).

To create multiple counter plans, you can use a copy model for maintenance cycles, known as

cycle sets.
  • Maintenance Plans with Maintenance Strategy

Maintenance plans which are created with a maintenance strategy (for example, time- or performance-based strategy plans) use the task list specified in the maintenance plan as a reference to the so-called maintenance packages. The maintenance packages themselves are defined in the maintenance strategy.


Maintenance packages and maintenance cycles contain the following data:

Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Cycle

Package number


Short text and description

Short text and description

Cycle duration

Cycle duration

Unit of measurement

Unit of measurement



Offset and offset short text

Offset and offset short text

Preliminary buffer and follow-up buffer



The following example describes integration for maintenance packages:


The maintenance order (PM order) is defined as the

maintenance call object for a maintenance plan. You can assign a task list to a maintenance item in the maintenance plan which describes the maintenance tasks to be performed in its operations.

You finally assign the individual operations for the maintenance task list to the maintenance strategy assigned to the task list. You assign the maintenance package "every 10,000 km" to the operation "oil change".

Through the assignment of maintenance packages to operations, you define the frequency (in this case, every 6,213.71 miles) in which the operations should be performed.

See also

Displaying a Maintenance Package Sequence for a Maintenance Strategy.



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