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This report generates the EA Form to be filled in by the employer for filing of annual tax returns of the employee for the year. Based on the results generated for the current financial year from the Malaysia payroll driver (RPCALCL0), the EA Form is generated.

The EA Form has been modified to include Section F, that is, all the retroactive payments for the previous years or periods in the current year as arrears. It also includes the arrears on bonus for the previous years or periods in the current year.


The new solution calculates section F for more than two years. But it is populated only for the last two years in the current release as there are only two lines on the EA form.


Based on the results from the Malaysia payroll driver (RPCALCL0), the EA Form is generated and the following features are available:

  • The EA Form is printed at the end of the year. More than one form will be printed in case the Employer Tax Reference number, or the Employee Tax Reference number or the tax office changes.
  • The function uses SAPScript to control the layout of the EA Form. Each time the format changes, SAP changes the SAPScript to match the new layout and makes this available to customers.
  • The softcopy of the same can be generated either on your local hard disk/floppy (presentation server) or a Unix file on tape (application server).
  • SAPScript can make the necessary font substitutions to suit various printers and thus retain the global layout.

  • Arrears pertaining to previous years without triggering a retroactive payroll run by making use of model wage types with new specification P1 and P2. P1 denotes the previous year and P2 is two years pervious to the current year.
  • All arrears paid through retroactive runs.

  • A new EA breakdown list, which contains details of the monthly tax paid by the employee. This is a non-legal report. This report will only report wages under the heads Basic, BIK allowances, Tax paid, EPF paid. If you have added any new specification, the program does not list the wagetype and specification.


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