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 Baseline Date for Payment 


Date from which the terms of payment apply. The baseline date for payment is the basis for determining the permitted cash discount amount or when an invoice is due.


You enter the baseline date for payment in the field Baseline date.

For each payment term you define, you must specify a rule by which the system is to determine the baseline date.

This rule consists of:

  • A default value for the baseline date
  • Further specifications for calculating the date

To determine the baseline date for payment, select the date to be used (see diagram, 1):

  1. Document date
  2. Posting date
  3. Document entry date

If you do not want the system to default a date when you enter a document, you can set the appropriate indicator. In this case you must enter the baseline date manually during document entry.


If you have agreed with your customers to use the delivery date as the baseline date for payment and have also implemented the SAP

Sales and Distribution (SD) application component, choose Document date. The system then assigns invoices generated in SD the delivery date as their document date.
If you have agreed with your customers to use the first day of operation of any machinery/plant purchased as the baseline date (such as is common in engineering and construction), you must enter this date in the document. The system cannot determine this date; therefore, you select the field No default.

When you enter a line item, the default value only takes effect if you post to a vendor or customer account for which a terms of payment key is defined.

You only need to enter data in the fields for calculating the baseline date if you want to change a baseline date that was either entered manually, or in which the system defaulted an entry (see the above figure, 2.). The system replaces the day specifications for the baseline date in the document with the day specification you enter here. The system adds the additional months that you specify to the month it calculates for the baseline date.

You want the baseline date to be the 15th of the following month. In this case you must specify the 15th as a fixed day and specify an additional month. Given a baseline date of 7/27/1999, the system calculates the new baseline date for payment as 8/15/1999 and enters this date in the line item.

The data you enter to change the baseline date is effective only if you have entered appropriate terms of payment in the customer or vendor master record, or entered a terms of payment key by which these terms are accessed.

If your entries lead the system to calculate a non-existent date, (for example 6/31/1999), the system corrects this date automatically (for example 6/30/1999).