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The MT202 format creates messages for bank-to-bank transfers between bank accounts and can be used internationally.

The MT202 format is in accordance with the specifications of the "MT 202 General Financial Institution Transfer" SWIFT format and conforms to SWIFT User Handbook, published in November 1999.


Payment program general settings

You should carry out payment program configuration before using payment medium formats. In particular, format, and, if necessary, format supplement should be assigned for the payment methods (in country) to be used.
Customizing: Maintain Payment Program

Instruction keys

Instruction keys can be defined to control commands given to banks involved in carrying out payment orders.
Create Instruction Keys

Up to four instructions control how payment is to be carried out and the Cost Allocation Key specifies who pays the bank charges.

The values that are valid for the MT202 format are defined in Customizing of Instructions for Payment Transactions (user 202).

Payment medium program

Payment media are created in the format chosen with payment medium program SAPFPAYM. The selection screen is compiled format-specifically when the format is entered in the relevant parameter. You can find details on the working method of the payment medium program in the report documentation .

In addition to the general selection parameters on the selection screen of the payment medium program, the FPM_SWIFT structure contains the following format-specific parameters that can be filled in a separate dialog box for format parameters on the selection screen of the payment medium program:
PAYMHEADIndicates whether a prefix should be created
for MT100 message(s)
PAYMRECVPayee bank SWIFT code of the MT message in the prefix
(Unlike PAYMRCHD, prefix is prerequisite)
PAYMRCHDIndicates whether the payee bank SWIFT code is read from
House Bank Data Medium Exchange Details
(Bank Number of Data Medium Recipient field)
(Unlike PAYMRECV, prefix is prerequisite)
PAYMTYPEIndicates whether a collective payment file or a logical
individual payment file, or physical individual payment
files should be created.
PAYMSGN1File lead character indicating the start of the payment file.
PAYMSGN2Transaction record separator that separates
the individual payment records.
PAYMSGN3File end character indicating the end of the payment file

These format-specific parameters are preassigned in such a way that a prefix is output, physical individual payment files are created, and no file lead/end character or separator is output.

Technical details

Format settings

The payment medium format is defined using tables in which (amongst other things) payment medium program events are assigned to function modules compatible with the format. In addition, further format entries are made:
- Level of detail (control level on which a payment medium is created)
- Structure with format-specific parameters (incl. req. fld)
- Format supplements
- Size of note to payee
Display Standard Settings

Some standard settings can be supplemented or replaced by the user in Customizing. Examples:
- Modification of format field contents using own modules
- Level of detail adjustment
- Specification of further selection parameters in customer structure
Carry Out Customer Settings