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New Conditions for Bonus Buys

Scope of Functions

You can now define conditions that only apply when the prerequisites and requirements you define are met. For example, you offer a reduced price when a customer buys certain quantities of particular materials together or when a credit card is used for payment.

Prerequisites can be items that have to be in a transaction in addition to the subject of the condition (for example, a prerequisite might be the purchase of other materials or the redemption of a coupon).

Requirements refer to the total sale in general or other aspects of the sale (such as a minimum sale or payment by customer card).

You can enter a particular number of a single material or group together any materials of your choice in any quantities of your choice as prerequisites. The subject of the condition can also be a single material, a group of materials, all the prerequisites or even the whole transaction.

Conditions can be special prices, fixed discounts, percentage discounts or free-goods discounts. You can also define scales for the bonus buy condition.

A distinction is made in R/3 between the following types of bonus buy:

  • Multi-deal
    At least one of the prerequisites must be met for the bonus buy to apply.
    The following two examples illustrate how multi-deals are typically used:
    • CDs on a particular rack cost $ 5 each, but you offer any 3 CDs for only $ 10.
    • When customers buy any 3 CDs on special or one particular CD, you offer them 10% discount on a CD player of their choice.
  • Combination deals
    All the prerequisites defined for the bonus buy have to be met. The following example illustrates how a combination deal is typically used:
    • When a customer buys a pair of skis and a pair of boots, you offer them a free pair of sunglasses.

You can transfer the prerequisites, requirements and conditions for bonus buys to the POS systems (see Release Information POS Interface-Outbound: Integration of Bonus Buys).

At POS inbound processing, R/3 posts the bonus buys at the special conditions (see Release Information POS Interface-Inbound: Integration of Bonus Buys).

See also

For further information on bonus buy conditions, see the SAP Retail documentation (SAP library -> Logistics -> SAP Retail) under Master data -> Conditions.