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Define Cost Center Categories

In this IMG activity you define categories.

You define the categories yourself (such as P for a production cost center or A for an administration cost center), or you can use the cost center categories supplied by SAP.

You activate/deactivate the following indicators for each cost center category:

  • Lock primary postings
  • Lock secondary postings
  • Lock revenue postings and revenue planning
  • Lock primary cost planning
  • Lock secondary cost planning
  • Lock consumption quantities

The SAP System defaults this indicator when you create cost center master data. You can overwrite the default values if you wish.


The Cost center category field is also used in activity type planning. In the activity type master record you enter the cost center type for which the activity type can be planned. Enter "*" if the activity type is allowed for all cost center categories.


You allow activity type PHR (production hours) to be planned on all cost centers with category P (production).

This means the activity type cannot be planned on an administration cost center by mistake.

Standard settings

A number of categories are included in the standard SAP System.


1. Check whether the categories supplied by SAP meet your requirements.
2. If not, create new categories to classify the cost centers in your company.

Note on transport

To transport cost center categories, an individual function is available in Customizing General Controlling.

Additional information

For more information, see the SAP Library under Financials -> CO Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Master Data for Cost Center Accounting -> Cost Centers.