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 PhilHealth (NHIP) Reporting 


It is a legal requirement for companies to submit a quarterly remittance report to the Philippines Health Insurance Corporation summarizing monthly PhilHealth contributions.

This function enables you to generate the Employer Quarterly Remittance Report RF-1 as well as a monthly report for business purposes.


Project teams must configure the

PhilHealth NHIP and the Company Details for Reporting Purposes sections of Customizing for Payroll Philippines.

To generate the required data, the PhilHealth Report RF-1 program (HPHRNHIP0) reads the Actions (0000), Organizational Assignment (0001), Personal Data (0002), Payroll Status (0003), SSS Philippines (0422), and PhilHealth Philippines (0596) infotypes.

In addition, the program reads the values stored against the technical wage types:


Employee NHIP contribution


Employer NHIP contribution


You must have run payroll for your employees and have payroll results.


The PhilHealth Report RF-1 program enables you to display, print, and download the Employer Quarterly Remittance Report RF-1. The report displays the following data:

  • Employer details including tax identification number, and PhilHealth number
  • Employee details including hiring or termination date, employment status, average monthly salary, personal share for the month, and contribution for the month
  • Monthly PhilHealth contributions for each employee
  • Quarterly PhilHealth contributions for each employee
  • Cumulated contribution totals

In addition, you can display and print this data on a monthly basis for business reporting purposes.

You can generate the report by personnel number, personnel area, personnel subarea, payroll area, and cost center each month or quarter. The company grouping (that is, the PhilHealth grouping) must also be included in the selection criteria as it identifies the employer’s PhilHealth number.

When you generate the Employer Quarterly Remittance Report RF-1, you must enter the issue date of the PhilHealth bank receipt (PBR) and a PBR number for each month in the quarter. You can download the file to diskette by selecting the Download field and specifying a file name and directory.


If your employees’ employment dates fall within the period specified for the report, PhilHealth details must be reported in the Employer Quarterly Remittance Report RF-1.

To ensure that a report is generated for all the relevant employees, the PhilHealth Report RF-1 program:

  1. Checks that each employee has a valid payroll period against his or her control record. If an employee does not, the program issues an error message. If the program finds a payroll period, it checks whether there are any payroll results against the last payroll period of the month.
  1. If there are no payroll results for the month in question, the program checks all previous payroll periods for the valid month-to-date amount.
  1. If there are no results for the payroll periods checked, the program issues an error message and does not include the employee in the quarterly report. If payroll results have been found, it issues a report for the employee.

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