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SSS Benefits

In this section, you configure the system to calculate Social Security System (SSS) benefits. The SSS benefits include:

  • Sickness benefit (SB)
This is a daily cash allowance paid to employees for the number of days they are unable to work due to illness or injury. The sickness benefit usually comes into effect when an employee has exhausted all the sick leave days provided by the employer.
  • Maternity benefit (MB)
This is a 60-day allowance (for normal delivery) or 78-day allowance (for Caesarean delivery) paid to female employees who go on maternity leave.

To set up the calculation of SSS benefits, you define the SSS benefits wage types and the SSS benefits salary brackets.


The system calculates SSS benefit payments during payroll whenever an SSS sickness or maternity absence has been booked. Hence after configuring this section, you must:

1. Configure the SSS sickness and maternity absence types in the Absences section of the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Time Management.
2. Valuate these absences in the Absences section of the IMG for Payroll Philippines. The SSS benefits wage types defined in this section should be used to valuate these absences.

The standard system contains model entries for the SSS absence types and their subsequent valuation in payroll. You can copy these entries to create your own.