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 Quota Arrangements 


This process principally involves procurement aspects of the supply chain (MM).

The system can make use of a certain mechanism to determine which source is to be assigned to a material requirement. The assignment of requirements to different vendors and plants is based on quota arrangements. 60% of a material requirement can be automatically assigned to one vendor and the remaining 40% to another, for example.

In this process, you display the material master record (quota arrangement field) and a quota arrangement. To see how the system assigns sources on the basis of quota arrangements, you enter two manual purchase requisitions and have the sources assigned. The system assigns different sources in accordance with the quota arrangement.

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Process Flow

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Displaying a Material Master Record
  • Displaying a Quota Arrangement
  • Entering Manual Purchase Requisitions
  • Assigning and Processing Purchase Requisitions
  • Displaying Quota Arrangement and Updated Quota Allocation Procedure