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AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) is a comprehensive solution for efficiently implementing and continuously optimizing SAP software. It has a detailed, business-oriented structure and allows you to design implementation projects flexibly.

Implementation Considerations

AcceleratedSAP is currently a PC-based solution and is shipped independently of the R/3 system, allowing you to prepare for your implementation project before you have installed the SAP System.

You can use ASAP to:

  • Implement the R/3 System
  • Implement components (APO, BW, Business-to-Business Procurement, CRM)
  • Upgrade


ASAP combines several tools that allow you to implement SAP software quickly and efficiently:

In the Implementation Assistant, you can access tools such as the

Question & Answer database (Q&Adb) and numerous accelerators, which support all phases of your implementation project. The ASAP Roadmap provides a methodological framework for your implementation project and is a key part of the Implementation Assistant.
    • The Roadmap portrays your project structure and provides a detailed description of work packages, activities and tasks for each phase of your implementation project. It also specifies additional tools you may use to support implementation.
    • ASAP includes several accelerators containing templates, forms, check lists, and examples that help you deal efficiently and quickly with the tasks described in the Roadmap.
  • The
SAP Reference Structure in the Question & Answer Database (Q&Adb) allows you to set your project scope and draw up your Business Blueprint in a process-oriented manner.
    • The substructures of the SAP Reference Structure are organized according to specific topics or according to enterprise areas, helping you to map your enterprise's requirements to the SAP System.
    • You can use questionnaires, customer input templates, project documentation and technical analysis to gather and structure information on your enterprise.
    • Using the Diagram Explorer, you can model scenarios, process groups and processes.
    • You can
manage issues using the Issues substructure in the Q&Adb. During the course of your implementation project, this substructure allows you to collect and monitor open issues that could jeopardize project goals.
  • The
  • Documents substructure in the Q&Adb allows you to store and manage documents centrally, for example, project documentation, functional and technical specifications, documents with links to issues or Key Performance Indicator documents.
    • A wide range of services including training courses, the EarlyWatch Service, SAPNet - R/3 Frontend, and the GoingLive Check complete the ASAP support package.

    In addition, SAP offers support during your implementation project in the form of the

    SAP Review Program.