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Define Delivery Priorities

You define delivery priorities in this menu option. You can use them to control the delivery of sales orders or order items and therefore give priority to individual customers.

To do this, select the sales orders due for shipping within shipping processing with the help of delivery priority. Delivery priority defines the sequence when deliveries are created automatically (for example, for scarce goods). Specify the delivery priority of a customer in the shipping data of the customer master data for each sales area.

From the customer master record, the SAP System copies the specification automatically into the shipping data of an item in the sales document . And from there, it is copied into the header of the delivery.


If there are several sales departments in your company, you should define clear rules for handling delivery priorities.

Default settings

In the standard SAP R/3 System, number 1 represents the highest delivery priority. During the selection, delivery items with priority 1 are proposed first.


1. Check whether delivery priorities are used in your shipping department, and if so, which ones. Define the kind of delivery priorities.
2. Specify a number for the delivery priorities between 1 and 99. Enter a description.
3. Make sure that the delivery priorities are maintained in the customer master records.