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 Document Types for Purchase Requisitions 


You can use document types to specify and group purchase requisitions more exactly.

The following document types are available for purchase requisitions:

  • standard purchase order
  • subcontracting
  • stock transfer


  • In Customizing for Purchasing under Purchase requisition, you have created your document types in addition to the standard document type NB in the IMG activity Define document types.
  • In Customizing for MRP in the IMG activity Define external procurement, you have determined the document type for each MRP group, which you want to use in the material requirements planning.
  • Features

    • The document type is used
        • when generating purchase requisitions in the planning run
        • when converting planned orders into purchase requisitions
      • The system displays the document type from the MRP list or stock/requirements list in the detail screen of the purchase requisition. You have no control function in material requirements planning. The system only displays the information.
      • The system always generates purchase requisitions for direct procurement with the document type NB for standard purchase order.

      You do not normally have to make entries for the document types in Customizing. If you have not defined a document type, the system will always generate purchase requisitions with the document type NB.