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 Determining Source of Supply for External Procurement 


For purchase requisitions or delivery schedules, which are created during the planning run, the system can determine the source of supply directly from the planning procedure.


Determining the Source of Supply via the Source List

The system first checks whether a quota arrangement has been maintained for the material, which has a validity period that covers the requirements date of the purchase requisition.

It then checks whether only one entry exists in the source list that is relevant to MRP. The indicator for source list usage must therefore be set for a particular vendor so that purchase requisitions and delivery schedules, which are created during the planning run, are automatically assigned to this vendor. In the case of a delivery schedule, you must also have maintained a scheduling agreement for this entry.

If you have maintained all the entries correctly, the system creates a purchase requisition with the source of supply that is recorded in the source list.

Determining Source of Supply by Quota Arrangements and Source List

The system first checks to see whether a quota arrangement, which is valid for the delivery date of the purchase requisition, has been maintained in the quota file for the material. It also checks to see whether the indicator for quota arrangement usage has been correctly maintained in the material master. The system then calculates from which vendor the material should be procured, using the quotas specified for the vendors.

As the next step, the system checks whether an entry for the vendor that is relevant to MRP exists in the source list. For this, the indicator for source list usage must be set correspondingly. If this is the case, then all further data required for the purchase requisition or the delivery schedule is copied from the source list.

You can maintain the source list in the Purchasing task level menu by choosing, Master data ® Source list ®


Source of Supply Determination Using the Manufacturer Part Number

In the procurement process, you can use your firm's own material number as well as the manufacturer’s material or part number.

You can also create purchasing info records for this material number. However, you create the source list and, if required, the quota arrangement for your firm's own material number. When determining the source of supply, the system finds the appropriate info record for the manufacturer’s part number.

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