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Where-Used List for a Material 

You can produce a where-used list for a material on either a single- level or a multi-level basis.

To display a where-used list for a material:

  1. Choose Logistics ®
Production ® Master data ® Bills of material ® Reporting ® Usage ® Material.

The Usage screen appears. Material: Initial screen.

  • Enter the material for which you want to display a where-used list.
  • Enter your data in the Type of where-used list, Selection, and Use in datasets, if required.
  • This data allows you to control that BOMs are read for the where-used list on the initial screen. See Defining a Where-Used List on the Initial Screen

  • Click .
  • You see the View screen, on which you can define selection criteria for the where-used list. See

    Selection Criteria for a Where-Used List
  • Click .
      • You see a list of all the BOMs in which the material is used in accordance with the selection criteria you entered. This list can, for example, contain material BOMs and equipment BOMs that contain the material. First you see all the material BOMs in which the material is used, then the equipment BOMs.
      • First, the list shows the BOM data that identifies the BOM, then the item data for the selected material – for example, item number, quantity, and unit of measure.
      • If you selected a single-level where-used list, the system only determines the BOMs where the material is used in directly as a component. The BOMs are all shown with explosion level 1.


    Extending the View for a Where-Used List
      • If you selected a multi-level where-used list, you see where the BOM is used at any level. A BOM that contains the material directly is shown with explosion level 1. If the material is used in sub-assemblies, the list explodes the entire BOM hierarchy, with a number showing the successive explosion levels.

    You see a dividing line between the different paths, if the next path starts or continues on a level with a lower number.