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 Posting the Invoice Receipt for Purchase Order 


The external supplier has shipped the materials to the customer and bills IDES France for the delivery. In invoice verification, you post the invoice receipt.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path


    ® Materials Management ® Purchasing ® Purchase Order ® Follow-On Functions ® Logistics Invoice Verification

    Transaction Code


  3. Choose Edit ® Switch company code.
  4. In the Enter Company Code dialog box, the system displays the company code that is currently active for invoice verification. This refers to the company code last used by the user.

  5. Enter the following data:
  6. Field


    Company code


  7. Choose .
  8. In the field above the item overview, use the F4 input help to choose Purchase order/Scheduling agreement (if it is not already defaulted).
  9. You can also use this activity, for example, to enter invoices with reference to the delivery schedule. The system defaults the value last entered by the user.

  10. On the Basic Data tab of the header data area, enter the following data:
  11. Field


    Invoice date

    Today’s date

    Posting date

    Today's date (default)

    Tax amount, right field

    E4 (TVA LEE 20,6% sur importation)

    To the right of the Purchase order/Scheduling agreement field

    Your purchase order number

  12. Choose .
  13. In the item overview, the system displays the purchase order data. In the balance field, it displays the net amount that is required to calculate the gross amount. The traffic light in the balance field is red.

    The value of the goods delivered plus VAT is normally entered on the invoice sent to you by the vendor. In this scenario, we simulate this procedure and determine the invoice amount ourselves.

  14. Enter the following data:
  15. Field



    Determined gross amount


  16. Choose .
  17. When you confirm your entries, the traffic light in the balance field changes to green.

  18. Choose .
  19. If you are requested by the system to enter a barcode, choose .

    The system confirms with the message Document no....created.

  20. Choose until the overview tree appears.