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 Creating a Purchase Order 


A purchase requisition was created from the sales order. In purchasing, a purchase order is created based on this requisition. In this first process step, you act as an employee in purchasing group 220 for the French IDES company.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path


    ® Materials Management ® Purchasing ® Purchase Requisition ® Follow-On Functions ® Create Purchase Order ® Via Assignment List

    Transaction Code


  3. Enter the following data:
  4. Field


    Purchasing group


    Purchasing organization






    Scope of list


    Delivery date

    Today’s date +2 working days

  5. Choose .
  6. Place the cursor on the second line for the selected vendor, and choose Process assignment.
  7. Enter the following data:
  8. Field


    Order type


  9. Choose .
  10. If any other purchase orders are available for the current date, the system displays the Create Purchase Order: Increase PO dialog box, which you can use to expand the available purchase orders. In this case, choose New purchase order.

  11. On the left side of the screen, under Open requisitions, select the purchase requisition number.
  12. Choose .
  13. To open the header data area zu öffnen, wählen Sie
  14. Header.
  15. To display the address of the vendor, choose the Address tab page.
  16. To open the Item details area, choose Item details.
  17. Choose the Delivery tab page.
  18. The goods receipt indicator is activated as a default value. This means that goods receipt has to be posted for a third-party item. Posting goods receipt is demonstrated in another process step. In system settings, you can use the account assignment category to control whether goods receipt is defined for a third-party item.

  19. Choose .
  20. Make a note of the purchase order number

  21. Choose until the overview tree appears.
  22. Call up the transaction as follows:
  23. Menu Path


    ® Materials Management ® Purchasing ® Purchase Order ® Messages ® Print/Transmit

    Transaction Code


  24. Enter the following data:
  25. Field


    Document number

    Your PO number

  26. Choose .
  27. Select the purchase order and choose Display message.
  28. Note the text about delivery notification that has been taken from the sales order item.

  29. Choose .
  30. Select your purchase order, then choose Output message.
  31. The system indicates that the message has been issued (green tick). In this example, the message has been configured so that it is entered in a spool request first and is not output immediately.

  32. Choose until the overview tree appears.