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 Creating Customer Master Records 


You create a customer master record when you start a business relationship with a new customer.

You can find out how to call up maintenance of the customer master under

Processing Customer Master Records.


  1. Choose an account group such as sold-to party from the Account group field in the Create customer: Entry screen.
  2. Enter a customer number in the customer field or leave it empty, depending on whether external or internal assignment is set for the account group.
  3. Enter a sales area:
      • Sales organization
      • Distribution channel
      • Division

    By selecting All sales areas you can find out which combination of sales organization, distribution channel, and division is possible for the customer.

    1. Press Enter.

    You reach the Create Customer: General data.

    The customer master screens are divided into tab pages. You can enter the required data in whichever combination you want.

      • Address

    Enter the address data.

    Enter a name in the field Search term which will later make it possible for you to retrieve the customer master record using a matchcode.

      • Control data

    Enter data for account control and control processing. If the customer comes from an EU country, you must enter a sales tax number.

      • Contact person

    Here you can enter data on the contact persons. You can use the buttons to enter additional data for each contact person, for example, visiting times, etc.

    1. To enter sales-specific data, choose Sales area data.

    You reach the Create Customer: Sales area data You can enter the following data on the tab pages:

      • Sales

    Enter the data for pricing here.

      • Shipping

    Enter the shipping priority and shipping requirement.

      • Billing document

    Here you can enter the delivery and payment requirements.

      • Partner functions

    Define the possible partner functions for this customer and the business partner, that should be automatically proposed in a sales document such as a sales order. These functions could be, for example, contact partners, sales executives, different payers and so on.

    You can display additional information, for example, on the account group, when processing the data. You can find further information under

    Displaying Additional Information on Customer Master Records.
    1. If you want to work in the central view, you can enter company code specific data using the Company code data button.
    2. Save your data.

    The following message is displayed at the bottom of the screen:

    The customer <Customer number> was created in the sales area <Sales organization> <Distribution channel> <Division>.

     Create with reference

    If a customer master record already exists with similar data, you can use this one and cut down on the time taken to enter data.

    Enter the number of the customer whose master record you wish to use as a reference in the Customer field in the Reference screen area of the entry screen.

    If you only enter the customer number in the reference section, the system will only copy the general data into the new customer master record. If you also enter data on the sales area, the sales and distribution data will also be copied. Only data, which can be identical for both master records, is copied. For example, address and unloading points are not copied, while country, language and account group are. You can change all copied data.

     Create an already available customer master record for a new sales area

    If you create a customer master record for a customer, for which a customer master record already exists in another sales area, then use the customer that has already been created as a reference. In this case you do not need to enter the general data for the second master record again.

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