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 Characteristics Planning w/ Dependent Req'ts (56) 


With this strategy, planned independent requirements are created for configurable materials. In addition, the usage probabilities for combination value keys are entered in the configuration supporting points. The requirements for components are automatically calculated by multiplying the component quantity by the usage probability. The dependencies between characteristics are also taken into account for this calculation.

The allocation takes place on the header level; in other words, sales orders consume the configurable material’s independent requirement, not the component’s dependent requirements.


In addition to the usual master data settings such as creation of BOMs, routings and the various configuration data (Configuration: Classes, Characteristics, Configuration Profile, Object Dependencies), you must maintain the following master data settings. For Classes and Characterisitcs, choose Logisitcs ® Central functions ® Classification. For Configuration profiles and Object dependencies, choose Logisitcs ® Central functions ® Variant configuration.

  • Material Master
    • Item Category group, for example, 0002
    • Strategy group 56
    • Consumption parameters (Consumption Mode, Fwd Consumption, Bwd Consumption), so that planned independent requirements can be found
  • Components:
    • Consider setting the Individual/Collective indicator to 2.
    • In order to get dependent requirements from the planning of configurable materials, components should not be configured with strategy group 70 or 59.
  • Mark those characteristics that should have a usage probability in demand management as Relevant for planning.

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