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Chart of Accounts and Account List 

The chart of accounts contains the G/L account number and description. You can go from here directly to the general data area of the master record. By choosing certain selection criteria, you can determine which accounts are contained in the chart of accounts (for example, you can select via the account number or the account group).

The master data for the G/L accounts is displayed in the G/L account list. This includes both the general data area and the company code-specific area of the master data. Again, you determine exactly which information is displayed by choosing certain selection criteria.

In order to print the chart of accounts or an account list, select the following menu sequence from the General Ledger screen: Periodic processing

® Reporting ® Report selection.

You will then see the application tree which contains all FI-relevant reports and variants. You can arrange reports and variants as well as create and print lists from within this report tree. You can also select any report you need by positioning your cursor on it. Start a report by double-clicking on it or by clicking on Generate list.

The reporting tree is defined in the G/L Accounting IMG. To access this function select the Select report for G/L account valuations step.