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 Cancelling a Material Document  


If you made a typing error or an input error (for example, wrong quantity or wrong movement type) while entering a material document, you must cancel the document, since you can no longer change this data.


You can reverse a goods movement in two ways:


You can enter a reversal document that references the original document.

The advantage of this procedure is that you can copy the items to be canceled from the original document. These items cannot be changed.

Value of the Posting:

Reversals of goods issues, transfer postings and goods receipts without reference in the system are posted with the value of the original document.

Reversals of goods receipts with reference to a purchase order or production order are posted with the value specified in the purchase order / production order.

Entering a Reversal Document with Reference to a Material Document


You can enter a material document with the reversal movement type. In this case, you do not reference an already available material document. Instead, you enter all data manually.

Value of the Posting:

As there is no reference to a material document, the system re-determines the value of the posting. If the material price has changed, the new material price is used, for example, for a goods issue reversal.

Entering a Material Document With a Reversal Movement Type

SAP recommends that, if possible, you enter a reversal document with reference to the original document since in that case the system proposes the items from the original document in the reversal document and can then create reports on the basis of these reversal documents. To analyze reversal documents, choose Environment ® List displays ® Cancelled mat. docs.