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Maintain Controlling Area Settings

In this IMG activity you define the general control parameters for the current controlling area.

Controlling area settings

  • The first step you need to take is to enter the name of the standard hierarchy of profit center master data.
The system creates the standard hierarchy automatically when you save. You can then maintain it under Master data -> Standard hierarchy in Customizing.
  • The dummy profit center receives all the postings in your system to objects which are not assigned to a profit center. This ensures that your data will be complete in Profit Center Accounting.
This field is displayed here for informational purposes only. You create the dummy profit center under Master data -> Dummy center.
  • The checkbox Elim. of internal business lets you eliminate internal business volume in your controlling area. If you check off this field, the system will not update transaction data between objects which are assigned to the same profit center in account-based EC-PCA.
Example: When you make a secondary allocation from one cost center to another, and both cost centers are assigned to the same profit center, this information will only be updated to Profit Center Accounting if elimination of internal business is not active.
  • In the field Currency type, you enter the type of currency you want to use as the special profit center report currency. The system uses this currency in some standard reports, which display data in this currency.
The transaction data in Profit Center Accounting is updated in up to three currencies:
  • transaction currency (optional): currency in which the transaction was carried out.
  • company code currency (mandatory)
  • the so-called third currency (mandatory): a special profit center local currency
In the Profit center local currency type field, you set the type of special profit center local currency you want to use. This is used, for example, for standard reports which display values in this currency.
You can choose from between the
  • group currency (30)
  • controlling area currency (20) and the
  • special profit center currency which you can define (90). If you choose the last option, you need to enter that currency in the next field.
  • If you choose the group currency or controlling area currency as the profit center report currency, the field profit center local currency must remain blank. The system will determine the currency automatically as data is posted. If you choose the special profit center currency, enter that currency here.
  • The field Store transaction currency lets you decide whether the system should also update the transaction data to Profit Center Accounting in the transaction currency.
This is only possible, however, if you selected legal valuation view . Deactivating this flag reduces your data volume. However, it is then no longer possible to analyze your data in the transaction currency.
  • The field "Valuation" determines whether the data in Profit Center Accounting is stored using the transfer price from the legal view, the group view, or the profit center view in this controlling area. For a detailed description of the different valuation methods and views in transfer pricing, see the online documentation for Profit Center Accounting.
You can only set a different valuation than the legal one if you are using transfer prices. To activate this function, you must carry out the steps described in Customizing for Controlling, under Multiple Valuation Methods/Transfer Prices ). If you use a currency and valuation profile that calls for profit center valuation, you must use profit center valuation here.
If you store your data in Profit Center Accounting in the transaction currency, you can only use legal valuation here.
(See also Transfer Prices.)
A distribution method determines whether and how data in Profit Center Accounting is distributed across systems using ALE (Application Link Enabling). For more information, see Set Up Distribution of Profit Center Data .


In most cases, you can no longer change these settings once data has been posted to Profit Center Accounting in the controlling area.

An exception to this is changing the currency type: where the type of currency being used is the same, it is possible, even after postings have been made, to change the currency type from 90 to 20 or 30, from 20 to 30 and from 30 to 20.

You can also change the ALE distribution method after postings have already been made. However, you also need to perform a number of additional activities to do this. Note the long texts for the messages which appear when changing the distribution method, and see the information under Set distribution of profit center data .

Control indicator

This flag activates Profit Center Accounting in the controlling area beginning with the specified fiscal year.

This flag lets other components easily see whether they need to perform activities for Profit Center Accounting. If the indicator is not set, no data is posted to Profit Center Accounting.


Maintain the desired control indicators for the current controlling area.

Then enter the control parameters for transferring actual data.

If you want to transfer plan data, you also need to create the desired plan versions.

Select the checkbox in the line with the correct fiscal year to activate Profit Center Accounting.


In the view "Control Indicators for Profit Center Accounting", the system only displays those combinations of controlling area and fiscal year for which other control indicators in Controlling already exist. This means that other functions in CO must be active for the corresponding controlling area and fiscal year as well. These might include: Cost Center Accounting, Orders, Projects, Sales Orders, Profitability Analysis, etc. Since Profit Center Accounting takes its data primarily from these applications (the profit center is automatically posted in the background), it only makes sense to activate Profit Center Accounting if at least one of these other applications is also active.

To obtain additional entries in this view, proceed as follows:

  • Choose the function Environment -> Controlling area in another application, such as Cost Center Accounting or Internal Orders.
  • Position the cursor on the desired controlling area.
  • Choose the function Goto -> Control indicators.
  • Make a new entry with the appropriate indicators for the desired "From" fiscal year, and save your changes.

Notes on transporting

You can transport the Customizing settings for Profit Center Accounting under Transport tools.