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 Creating, Changing, and Displaying a Purchase Requisition 


You can create, change, and display purchase requisitions on a single screen.


You can switch between Create, Change, and Display modes only if you have the necessary authorizations.


Creating a Purchase Requisition

To create a new requisition, click .

Changing a Purchase Requisition

To change a displayed requisition, click .

Displaying a Purchase Requisition

To display or change another document, click , select Purchase requisition in the next window, and enter the desired requisition.


Creating a Purchase Requisition

  1. In the SAP menu, choose Logistics
  2. ® Materials management ® Purchasing ® Requisition ® Create.

    The Create Purchase Requisition screen appears.

    The document overview shows you the purchasing documents according to the last-used variant – unless specified otherwise in your personal settings.

    You can adopt any requisition items listed in the Document overview in the document you are currently creating by selecting the items with the cursor and dragging them onto the shopping basket symbol with the left-hand mouse button depressed.

  3. Enter the necessary data in the relevant screen areas.
  4. You need only enter part of the name in the fields Vendor, Material, Plant, Material group, and Storage location. The system is able to automatically determine the existing vendors, for example, from the text fragment you enter.

    You can store default values.

    If, for example, you have stored a plant and a requisitioner in the Default values, you needn’t re-enter this data manually every time. Instead, the system suggests it automatically in each case.

      • Item overview
      • : E.g. material, quantity, delivery date, and plant

    If you accidentally entered the wrong material, you can change it without having to create a new item. You can also change the item category and plant without having to create a new item.

      • Item details
      • : E.g. account assignment and source of supply

    You can carry out a source determination process on the tab page Source of supply. Click Assign supply source. If the system determines several sources for a material, these are suggested to you in a list. You can then select the desired source from this list.

    From this list, you can navigate to outline agreements or purchasing info records and carry out a simulation by double-clicking with the mouse.

    1. Check the data entered.

    If necessary, click Header details and Item details to expand the respective detail data areas.

    Click in the upper left-hand corner of the relevant screen area to collapse the area again.

    Processing faulty items

    An status in the status column shows you whether items are faulty. Click on the status column for the relevant item in order to process the error.

    To access the error log containing the messages for all items, click on the toolbar.

    1. Click to save the purchase requisition.