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 Displaying an Inspection Lot 

  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    From the Inspection Lot node, choose Editing ® Display

    Transaction Code


  3. Enter the number of your inspection lot and choose .
  4. If you have to look for the number of the inspection lot, choose the possible entries help for inspection lots for material. If the inspection lot was created during in the process QM in Procurement and Inventory Management, choose the possible entries help for inspection lots for goods movement (material document).

    The inspection lot is displayed. You can see how and when your lot was created on the Data for lot origin tab page

  5. In the Material line, choose (Display material).
  6. The material master record is displayed.

  7. Choose Insp. setup.
  8. The system opens the overview of inspection types and displays detailed information on inspection type 01.

  9. To familiarize yourself with the possibilities offered by the control mechanism, place your cursor on the checked fields or the fields with an entry, and choose F1.
  10. To close the display, choose .
  11. To return to the Display inspection lot screen, choose .
  12. Choose the Insp. specifications tab page.
  13. For an insight into inspection planning, choose the following in the Assigned specifications screen area:

    Displaying the Inspection Plan

    Displaying the Material Specification
  14. To print your sample-drawing instruction, choose Extras ®
  15. Print ® Sample draw. Instr. from the menu bar.

    The system reports that the shop papers will be printed after you leave the transaction.

  16. To print your inspection instruction, choose Extras ® Print ® Insp.instruction.
  17. Choose until the overview tree appears.
  18. To display the shop papers ready for printing, choose Display Shop Papers.