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Remunerated Weekly Rest - DSR 


This process describes the information required for the system to calculate the amount related to the employee’s Remunerated Weekly Rest (DSR, Descanso Semanal Remunerado). This requires the following items to be considered:

  • Definition of a DSR deduction criterion
  • Definition of absence types considered for DSR
  • Definition of assessment basis
  • Definition of calculation formula

See also:

Criterion and absence type for DSR discount


  1. During customization in the Implementation Guide (Payroll ® Absences ® Remunerated Weekly Rest - DSR), the following items should be given parameters:
  2. -

    Time scheme update for enabling DSR


    Time wage type generation scheme update for enabling DSR
    1. Parameterization of the Time management ® Work schedule ® Define daily work schedule item in the Implementation Guide. In this section, the system checks if the employee has any 0 values regarding a weekly rest (that is, if he/she is entitled to a remunerated weekly rest). If yes, it also checks if the employee was absent during the week in order to carryout future calculations.

    Process Flow

    Data processing for the calculation of the Remunerated Weekly Rest is performed in time management and payroll schemes, subprocedures, and calculation rules. Generally speaking, this process follows this flow:

    1. The DSR0 subprocedure (which enables the Remunerated Weekly Rest calculation) is introduced in a user scheme copied from the main Time Management TM00 scheme.
    1. The DSR0 subprocedure is introduced in a user subprocedure copied from the time wage type generation subprocedure TC00.
    2. As the BRT0 time management subprocedure calls the TC00 subprocedure, said calls must be replaced by the new user subprocedure mentioned in the previous item.


    This process allows future calculations related to the Remunerated Weekly Rest to be completely performed by the system.