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 Posting Key



Two-character numerical key that controls the entry of line items. The posting key determines:

Account type
  • Debit/credit posting
  • Layout of entry screens
  • Use

    When you enter a posting, enter a posting key for each item. This key determines how the item is posted. Posting keys are defined at client level and therefore apply to all company codes. The posting key determines:

    • The data you can enter in the line item
    • How data you post is processed
    • How the system updates the data you enter

    Posting keys are differentiated by customer, vendor and G/L accounts. Apart from the General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) and Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-AR/AP) components, there are also posting keys for asset and material accounts.

    The following figure illustrates the posting key:

    SAP delivers predefined posting keys with the standard system. The following table lists some of the posting keys in the standard system.

    Posting keys in the standard system

    Posting Key



    G/L account debit posting


    G/L account credit posting


    Customer invoice


    Customer credit memo


    Vendor credit memo


    Vendor payment


    Vendor invoice



    The document type specifies which account types you can post to. The posting key specifies which account types you can post to. A posting key can only be entered for an account type which is permitted for that document type.

    As well as the predefined posting keys in the standard system, you can also define your own keys in Customizing. To do this, proceed as follows in Customizing: Financial Accounting ® Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Document ® Line Item ® Controls ®

    Define Posting Keys.


    If you want to delete posting keys, you should ensure that these are not already used in the system.