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 Creating Financial Statement Versions 

  1. In Customizing for Financial Accounting, choose General Ledger Accounting ® Business Transactions ® Closing ® Documenting ®
  2. Define Financial Statement Versions.
  3. You have two options:
      • You can use an existing financial statement version as a template and adjust it accordingly. The SAP standard system includes predefined financial statement versions. To copy a financial statement version, select the required version and choose Copy as...
      • You can define a new version. To do this, choose New entries.

    The screen for you to enter the general data for your financial statement version appears.

    1. Enter the general data.
      • Enter a key and name for your version.
      • Enter the language in which your structure is to be maintained and displayed.
      • You can specify that the keys of the financial statement items are to be assigned automatically by the system. If you do not select this option, you can assign the keys for the items manually.
      • You can only define your version for one specific chart of accounts. You can thus only assign accounts from this chart of accounts to your financial statement items. If you want to use accounts from multiple charts of accounts, leave this field blank.
      • You can specify that the group account numbers are to be used in your version.
      • You can specify that you use functional areas in your version. You thereby have the option of assigning accounts, an account interval, functional area, or a functional area interval to a P&L item.
    1. Save your entries.
    2. Choose Financial statement items.

    The screen appears in which you create your financial statement items and assign accounts to them.

    There are several functions for editing financial statement versions. See

    Functions for Editing Financial Statement Versions.

    If you create a new version, the following basic structure is automatically generated:

      • Assets
      • Liabilities
      • Net result: Profit
      • Net result: Loss
      • P&L result
      • Not assigned

    Move the items to the required positions in you financial statements. For more information, see:

    Special Financial Statement Items
    1. To create financial statement items, choose Create items.
    2. See

      Creating Items
    3. To assign accounts to a financial statement item, choose Assign accounts.
    4. See

      Assigning Accounts
    5. Save your financial statement version.