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Shipping Instructions (Main Criterion "Delivery") 


In Purchasing, you can specify shipping or packing instructions for each order item. The vendor must follow these instructions to obtain a good score for the subcriterion "Compliance with Shipping Instructions".

The system considers only goods receipts against purchase orders and scheduling agreements into stores and the release of GR blocked stock into stores. In the standard system, these are the movement types 101 and 105.


  1. When goods are received against a purchase order, the system checks whether the purchasing department has specified any shipping instructions.
  2. If so, the receiving clerk must enter a score for the vendor's compliance with the shipping instructions before posting the goods receipt.
  3. Keys with corresponding scores are maintained for shipping instructions in Customizing.

    You want the vendor to deliver material A in packs of six. Your system is configured in such a way that this packaging unit corresponds to the key 01 = 100 points.
    If the vendor delivers the goods in packs of 10, which is less practical for your purposes, you award the vendor 90 points only.
    If the goods are delivered loose (i.e. not pre-packed), this involves more work for your warehouse employees. In this case, the vendor is assigned key 09 (30 points).

  4. The new individual score is then merged with the vendor's previous score for the subcriterion. To calculate the new score for the subcriterion from the already existing composite score and this new individual score the system applies the smoothing factor Compliance with shipping instructions defined in Customizing.
  5. When you run a new evaluation, the system calculates the average from the individual scores for all the materials.
    The result is the vendor’s score for the subcriterion "Compliance with Shipping Instructions".

Reversals of Goods Receipts


Cancellation of Score in Case of GR Reversal.