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 Carrying Out the Component Backflush 


Using the component backflush, you can backflush component scrap or excess component consumption in Repetitive Manufacturing.

A separate movement type is provided for the scrap backflush so that you can also define a separate cost element in Controlling. In Controlling, however, backflushed scrap is interpreted as excess consumption.


  1. In the REM Backflush screen, choose Component backflush.
  2. Enter the appropriate plant and the assembly for which you want to backflush the components. If necessary, specify the selection criteria according to which the BOM is to be exploded.
  3. If you want to enter the components manually, choose No BOM explosion. Then you can enter the scrap quantities individually by selecting Process component list.
  4. If you want the system to propose the components via the BOM, choose Propose components acc. to BOM. You can now propose a reference quantity which the system uses to explode the BOM. If you do not enter a reference quantity, the system posts the planned quantities.

  5. If you only want to backflush component withdrawals for one specific reporting point, select the reporting point backflush and enter the appropriate reporting point.
  6. If you want to backflush goods issues for operations which were processed after the last reporting point in the routing, choose Comps after last RP.

  7. If you enter a reference quantity, the system explodes the BOM using this quantity and automatically calculates the component quantities.
  8. If you enter no reference quantity, you must enter the scrap quantities manually in the next screen.

    In this way, you can post scrap for individual components. You do this, for example, when only a part of the assembly is to be posted as scrap and not the complete assembly.

  9. Choose Execute.
  10. Result

    The system posts the scrap and confirms the posting with an appropriate message.