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Lists - Symbols and Icons 


As of Release 3.0 you can use small pictorial objects in lists for a wide area of application, ranging from highlighting objects up to the graphical design of lists. There are two types of pictorial elements:

  • Icons
  • Symbols

This section primarily deals with the use of symbols in lists, but also covers the differences between symbols and icons. You learn how to use symbols in ABAP/4 lists and/or displays which have been created using the list technology.

The SAPDings Symbol Character Set

Symbols are displayed using the SAPDings symbol character set. For an overview of the full set please see

Technical Notes.


General Remarks on Symbols and Icons in Lists

Symbols for Displaying Hierarchies

Symbols for Reporting

Symbols for Office Applications (Mail)

Symbols for Displaying Status

Symbols for Indicating the Status of Objects and Values

Symbols for Displaying Ratings

Navigation Symbols

Technical Notes



You can use transaction LIBS to display a complete list of the symbols. Here, you also find a list of printable list icons (you can diplay all available icons).