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 Monitoring Purchase Orders 

Displaying a Purchase Order

  1. Choose Purchase order
  2. ® Display.
  3. Enter the PO number.
  4. Press
  5. ENTER . The item overview for the chosen PO appears.

    Displaying PO Header Statistics

    The PO header statistics show information pertaining to the entire document (for example, the total goods receipt value and the total invoice value).

    To display these statistics, choose Header

    ® Statistics ® General.

    Displaying Statistical Data on an Item

    Choose Item

    ® Statistics ® General to display statistical information on the status of individual PO items.

    Displaying the PO History

    The purchase order history is actually a history of all the transactions that have occurred with regard to a PO item to date (for example goods and invoice receipts relating to the item, incurrence of delivery costs, down-payments, and so on).

    To display the PO history, select the item and choose Item

    ® Statistics ® PO history.

    Views of the PO History

    When displaying the order history, you can switch between different views. In this way, you can display the following information:

    • The invoices received and their clearing value
    • The quantity in "blocked stock"
    • Delivery costs
    • The assignment of GR and IR documents in the case of items subject to GR-based invoice verification

    To switch between views, choose Views.

    Analyses of Purchase Orders

    You can run reports analyzing Pos according to a variety of criteria. A number of different analyses are available in the system:

    Listing by

    • A range of material numbers
    • Purchasing group
    • Requirement tracking number
    • Material group

    Account assignment
    Listing of purchase orders for a given account assignment (for example, by cost center).

    Order value analysis
    Allows you to create your own ABC analysis of purchase orders. You can classify orders by order value, average value per order, and number of orders.

    PO number
    Listing of all purchase orders within a range of numbers.

    Archived purchasing documents
    Listing of Pos that have been removed from the system and archived.

    Requirement tracking number
    Listing of all purchasing documents created with reference to a series of purchase requisitions having a certain requirement tracking number. The analysis shows the requisitions for which purchase orders have already been created.

    Listing of purchase orders created for a particular vendor, material, or material group.


    For more information, refer to the section

    Reporting in Purchasing.

    For more information on analyses and reports in the SAP System, refer to the documentation Getting Started with the SAP System (section