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Changing a Purchase Requisition 


Before you change a purchase requisition, you need to consider the following:

If the requisition ...


How do you check the requisition status?

has already had a PO issued
against it

you must inform the
purchasing group

Display the requisition statistics

Displaying a Purchase Requisition

has been approved

changes are only possible
to a limited extent and
may themselves be subject
to approval

Display the release status

Displaying Release Information

was created by Materials

you may not be able to change
the requisition

Check the requisition creation indicator (see

Displaying a Purchase Requisition

the requisition quantity
and delivery date
may be critical.
You may have to notify the
materials planner
before making any changes.




  1. Choose Requisition
  2. ® Change.
  3. Enter the number of the purchase requisition you wish to change.
  4. Press ENTER to display the item overview screen.
  5. Make the desired changes:
  6. Adding items
    Choose Edit ® Enter lines.

    Changing details
    If the changes you wish to make are not possible on the item overview screen, select the item and choose Goto ® Details. You can then make your changes on the item detail screen.

    Deleting items
    Select the item to be deleted and then choose Edit ® Delete.

    1. Save the purchase requisition.

    See also:

    Displaying the Change Log for a Requisition Item