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Reverse Documents 



If there are postings linked to an activity that is to be reversed, you can make reverse postings.

If you need to reverse posted flows relating to a transaction, you first have to reverse the activity relating to the transaction. The flows which have been posted are then flagged accordingly. The corresponding functions are offered in the Trading and Back office areas. The flows are flagged to indicate that the related documents have to be reversed.

To reverse the relevant documents in FI, use the "Reverse Posting Documents" report.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Transaction ® Post.
  2. This takes you to the Treasury: Reverse Posting Documents screen
  3. Remove any selections in the Money Market, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives fields which are not applicable. This will speed up the response times for all subsequent operations as only the transactions in the components you have selected are taken into account.
  4. Enter any necessary selection criteria in the corresponding fields.

    If you choose Test run under Control, you can simulate the posting run.

    In the test run, the system cannot carry out all the necessary reversal checks. As a result, you may get the message "Reversal not possible" in the productive run although reversal flows were proposed in the test run.

  5. Choose Program
  6. ® Execute.
  7. You may have to release flows via Accounting
  8. ® Transaction ® Release.
  9. You receive a list of flows of the transactions that are flagged for reversal.
  10. In the productive run, the relevant FI documents are reversed. A reversal document with a document number is generated and the FI document is marked as "reversed".
  11. From the initial FI document, you can access the administrative data of the accounting document to find out the number of the reversal document in FI via the Document Header button.
  12. Via the Transaction button, you reach the basic data of the relevant transaction.

    In certain cases, an FI document cannot be reversed from Treasury - for example, if the document has already been matched in FI. If the document has already been reversed in FI, it must be manually reversed in Treasury instead of using the "Reverse documentation" transaction. Refer to the unit entitled

    Reverse manually.

    You will find further information in the unit entitled