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 Cross-Application Time Sheet (CA-TS) 


The Time Sheet is a cross-application tool for recording employee working times. Working times are recorded centrally, together with cost accounting, confirmation, and external services information, and then made available to other SAP System applications for further processing.

The Time Sheet is a self-service application which allows both internal and external employees to enter their own working times. Alternatively, data can be recorded centrally in a data entry office.

Implementation considerations

The Time Sheet allows you to record employee time data for processing by other SAP components. You must therefore implement at least one other of the components listed below. You can provide data to the components individually or in combination.


With other SAP components

Required Function

Required Component

Decentralized recording of employee attendances and absences

Time Management

Decentralized recording of employee remuneration information


Internal activity allocation and entry of statistical key figures



Plant Maintenance

Project System

Customer Service

Recording external services

External Services Management

Recording travel expenses with activity reports

Travel Management

Recording activities for services provided

SAP Service Provider


Approval Procedure

  • The Time Sheet allows you to integrate a procedure for approving the recorded working times. SAP Business Workflow is one option available as a means of controlling the approval procedure.
  • User interface

    • Using profile technology and field selection, the Time Sheet’s self-explanatory interface can be customized to cater to the varying tasks and level of experience of its users.
    • Working times can be recorded either as a number of hours or with start and end clock times.
    • You can use wage types and statistical key figures to record amounts, quantities, and a number of pieces.
    • All the functions are combined in a single interface.
    • A special user interface enables data to be recorded centrally for several employees.

    Additional information

    • To simplify data entry, you can define default values for your employees.
    • You can provide a worklist to assist users, containing information on pools of confirmations or completed activities, for example.
    • In addition, you can enter trip data and information on a material withdrawal.

    Additional features

    • To protect personal data against unauthorized access, the Time Sheet uses the SAP Human Resources authorization concept.
    • All data records are assigned a unique document number, which means they can be tracked at any time.
    • You can use SAP enhancements to extend the functions of the Time Sheet.