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 Availability Control 


These components enable you to monitor and control project costs. The project manager can use availability control to call up an overview of the assigned funds and see which type they are.

Availability control enables you to control costs actively by issuing warnings and error messages when costs are incurred.

Implementation Considerations

The component is fully integrated with upstream and downstream components, for example:

  • Controlling (CO)
  • Financial Accounting
  • (FI)
  • Production Planning
  • and Control (PP)
  • Materials Management
  • (MM)


Availability control monitors funds using budget allocation.

  • Passive Availability Control
  • Overview of funds, their assignment and type
  • Active Availability Control
  • Prevents the assignment of too many funds.

    If you enter business transactions that create costs on a
    Controlling element (for example, posting of an invoice), the system checks whether there is still sufficient budget available for the controlling element. For projects, you can also use releases as an alternative to the current budget. It uses the tolerance limits specified in Customizing for the check.
    • For internal orders, see Controlling ® Internal Orders ® Budgeting and Availability Control ®
    Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control.
  • For projects, see Project System ® Costs ® Budget ® Define Tolerance Limits.
  • For more information, see Defining Tolerance Limits.

    Availability control checks the current distributable budget (or release) against the assigned value.

    • Distributable Budget

    • The budget from the controlling element that is not yet distributed to other, lower-level WBS elements.
    • Assigned Value
    • Costs incurred by a Controlling element.
      For more information on the calculation of assigned values, see