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 Monthly SOCSO Borang 8A Report (RPCS8AL0) 


This function generates the SOCSO Borang 8A report for every employee who has valid payroll results, determined by the Malaysia payroll driver (RPCALCL0), for a specific month. This also generates the SOCSO contribution pay slip which is a legal summary report.


Based on the results from the Malaysia payroll driver (RPCALCL0), the SOCSO Borang 8A report is generated and the following features are available:

  • The function uses SAPScript to control the layout of the SOCSO Borang 8A report. Each time the format changes, SAP changes the SAPScript to match the new layout and makes this available to customers.
  • The softcopy of the same can be generated either on your local hard disk/floppy (presentation server) or a Unix file on tape (application server).
  • A separate SAPScript report (hardcopy) is generated for each Employer Reference Number, but a separate file (softcopy) is generated for each payee key.
  • SAPScript can make the necessary font substitutions to suit various printers and thus retain the global layout.

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