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Reversal of Manual Postings 


This function enables you to reverse manual postings. The system reverses the document and adapts the totals record in the totals database.


Two ways to reverse posted documents:

Manual Reversal

You can reverse individual documents with reference to the document to be reversed


  1. In the Consolidation menu choose Data
  2. ® Enter Manual Posting or Consolidation ® Manual Posting ® Enter. Then you enter the document type, document number and fiscal year for the document to be reversed.
  3. In the following screens you can merely change the text for the reversal document. The other data is only displayed. The amounts of individual document line items have the inverse debit/credit sign in contrast to the document to be reversed
  4. You reverse by saving.
  5. .

    In the header data you see the corresponding document number of the reversal document. These document numbers are automatically included in the header data on posting.

    Mass Reversal

    With the function mass reversal you can select and reverse manually posted documents by various criteria, for example by organizational unit, version, time, task, subassignment and so on.

    The following status management is valid with regard to this:

    • When the status management is active, then the following documents can be exclusively reversed:
      • Documents, whose document type is assigned a task for manual postings
      • Documents, whose document type is not assigned a task, but however is posted with a posting level which is smaller than 20

    For these documents the system assumes that they belong, as regards content, to the tasks for data entry

    The system resets the status of the concerned tasks after the mass reversal.

    • When the status management is deactivated, then you can reverse all manually posted documents with this function, without having the assignment of tasks checked.


    In the Consolidation menu choose Data

    ® Enter Manual Posting or Consolidation ® Manual Posting ® Mass Reversal.

    Then you enter the data, by which the documents to be reversed should be selected.

    You execute the function and receive a list of the reversed documents.

    Reversing a reversal document

    If you reversed a document and want to undo the reversal, you can reverse the reversal document. This is equivalent to posting an entry with reference to the source document. In other words, when reversing a reversal entry, the system posts a regular document – not another reversal entry.

    Reversing an already reversed document

    The system makes sure that you only reverse a document once. A reversed document cannot be reversed again.

    However, the following situation is conceivable: For example, you reversed a document in period 001 with a reversal document in period 002. Afterwards you find out that the reversal should have taken place in period 001. If you then try to enter a reversal in period 001, the system suggests a new document, the values of which contain reversed debit/credit signs. Note that this new document (clearing document) does not reference the reversed document, or vice versa.

    See the illustration:



    To clear all documents with each other you need to do one of the following:

    • also reverse the reversal document 9992 of period 002
    • post the clearing document 9993 using a document type that automatically reverses the subsequent period