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 Validation Message Classes 

Each validation message is assigned to a message class. The FI-SL application component is delivered with message class K2 containing examples of validation messages.

Creating a Message Class

To create a message class, you should use the ABAP Workbench (Tools

® ABAP Workbench ® Development ® Programming environment ® Messages). You can edit messages with the validation editor, but a message class should first be created in the ABAP Workbench. For more information, see the Basis documentation in the SAP library (Basis Components ® ABAP Workbench ® ABAP User’s Guide ® Writing ABAP Transactions ® Handling Errors and Messages).

The first time you define validations in the system, the system prompts you to assign a message class to the validation messages you define.

The message class must belong to a transportable, customer-specific development class. Otherwise these messages cannot be transported together with the validation.