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 Standard Layouts 


You assign a standard layout to each report that you create. This standard layout determines the layout features of the report, such as the page format of the report and the numeric format of the report data. The system assigns a default standard layout called SAP to each report. You receive the SAP standard layout with each SAP R/3 System. The standard layout provides a default value for every layout parameter.


Report Painter

When a layout is assigned in the

Report Painter, the layout parameters are copied from the standard layout to the report layout. There is no permanent reference to the standard layout. Thus, changing the standard layout has no effect on the report layout.

In the report layout, you can recopy the layout parameters of the standard layout with the button Use standard layout.

Report Writer

Before a report layout has been defined for a

Report Writer report, a link exists between the report layout and the standard layout for all parameters. With the button Define report layout, you can create an independent report layout that is a copy of the standard layout. With Report Writer reports, the button Use standard layout restores the link to the standard layout. In this case, changes made to the standard layout would affect the report layout.

When you define a report, you can do any of the following:

  • Use the SAP standard layout for the report
  • Assign a different standard layout to the report
  • Revise the standard layout parameters so that the parameters are specific to the report

In the report definition, you can assign a standard layout to the report in the report header. These settings then take effect for that report. You will find more information on headers for the Report Painter under

Defining Report Headers and for the Report Writer under Defining Report Headers.

There are two ways in which you can use the standard layout settings in a report:

  • Execute the report and then choose Settings ® Report layout ® Use standard layout
  • In the report definition (Change Report), choose (for Report Painter reports) Edit ® Report header. Here you need to enter a different standard layout (such as SAP) and then reenter the standard layout you require.

The indicator Change allwd dur exctn allows you to save any changes you make to the layout when executing the report. Set this indicator in the report layout.

If you only change the indicator in the standard layout, the change will only be effective in the Report Painter report if you reassign the standard layout to the report.

For more information about assigning a standard layout to a report and changing report parameters, see

Defining Report Layouts.

The standard layout is used in all sections to which no

section layout is assigned.

For more information on processing and changing the standard layout, see:

Creating a Standard Layout

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