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Creating and Adding Setup/Clean-Out Orders 


You can use this procedure to include process orders that are not material-related in the campaign. Process orders that are not material-related represent setup and clean-out processes in the system.
You can do the following:

  • Add existing setup/clean-out orders to the campaign
  • Create setup/clean-out orders and add them to the campaign


A master recipe that is not material-related (setup/clean-out recipe) has been created.

For detailed settlement using business processes, the corresponding business process group must be entered in the campaign.


  1. To change an existing campaign, choose Production campaign -> Change on the initial screen.
    The Change Production Campaign: Overview screen appears.
    You can add orders while creating a campaign on this screen.
  2. Choose Setup/clean-out
    A dialog box appears. Along with information that has already been entered such as the description and plant, the following fields are displayed:
    Start date and Validity end.
    If no item was selected, the start date of the campaign is suggested.
    If an item was selected, the basic start date and basic end date of the order that is selected are suggested.
    Here you can enter the number of a setup/clean-out order that has already been created.
    (Task list type, Group,...).
    Recipe data for a setup/clean-out order that is to be created.

    (Order type)

    Order type that is to be used when creating a setup/clean-out order.

    (Business process)

    If you enter a business process here, it is automatically transferred to the settlement rule of the process order. The full settlement takes place at this destination, and the controlling area is taken from the process order. The settlement type (PP1 - full settlement or PP2 - periodic settlement) depends on the distribution rule entered for the process order type (default rule) that you specified in Customizing (Choose
  3. Process Order -> Master Data -> Order -> Define Order Type-Dependent Parameter and then choose the Costing tab page).

    For this type of settlement, the settlement to business processes must be allowed in the settlement profile assigned to the order type.
    You define settlement profiles in Customizing (Choose
    Process Order -> Integration -> Define Settlements and then Settlement profile), as well as their assignments to order types (Choose Process Order -> Master Data -> Order -> Define Order Types).
  4. To insert an existing setup/clean-out order in the campaign, enter the order number and choose Continue.
  5. To create a setup/clean-out order, make the entries required. For an order type that requires internal number assignment, and make no entries in the Order field. Choose Continue.

    The corresponding item is inserted in the campaign.

  6. Save the campaign.
    It is now created.