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Basic Functions of Sales Order Processing 

During sales order processing, the system can carry out the following basic functions:

  • Monitoring the status of the sales transaction
  • Checking for incomplete data
  • Checking for availability of the articles purchased
  • Calculating pricing and taxes
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Creating printed or electronically transmitted documents (for example, confirmations)

Depending on how your system is configured, these functions may be completely automated or may also require some manual processing. The data that results from these basic functions (for example, shipping dates, confirmed quantities, prices and discounts) is stored in the sales document where it can be displayed and, in certain cases, changed manually during subsequent processing.

For cash sales, SAP Retail allows for a "slimmed down" version of order processing. Billing documents are printed as soon as the order is entered and the customer receives the goods immediately. The information displayed on the screen is controlled by the order type, which is maintained in Customizing.

The sales documents you create are individual documents, but they can also form part of a chain of interrelated documents. For example, you may record a customer’s telephone inquiry in the system. The customer next requests a quotation, which you then create by referring to the inquiry. The customer later places an order based on that quotation and you create a sales order by copying information (modifying where necessary) from the quotation. You ship the merchandise and bill the customer. If, after delivery of the merchandise, the customer claims credit for articles that were damaged, you can create a delivery free of charge with reference to the sales order. The entire chain of documents - inquiry, quotation, sales order, delivery, billing document, and subsequent delivery free of charge - forms a document flow or history. The flow of data from one document to another reduces manual processing and makes problem resolution easier.