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Hiring a New Employee 


When you hire a new employee at your enterprise, you must enter a large amount of data on this employee for the first time. You enter the employee data in different

Infotypes in the SAP R/3 System.

You hire the employee by performing a

Personnel Action. When you perform the Hiring personnel action type, all of the infotypes that you need to maintain to hire an employee are displayed automatically, one after the other.


The Hiring personnel action type groups various logically related infotypes together to form an

Infotype Group. If you want to enter additional employee data using the hiring action, you can change these infotype groups in Personnel Administration Customizing. In the standard system, the sequence of infotypes displayed by running the Hiring personnel action type ensures that essential data on the employee is stored in the system.

Process Flow

When you perform the Hiring personnel action type, you must note the following:

Recording Entry

When an employee enters your company, a data record is stored in the infotype

Actions (0000) whilst you execute the personnel action type Hiring. The date and the reason for hiring somebody is stored in this infotype record (e.g. expansion, special projects).

When you run the Hiring personnel action type, you enter different types of data in the various infotypes:

  • Organizational Data

The employee to be hired is assigned to the

Enterprise Structure and Personnel Structure. In the Human Resource Management system, the employee’s organizational assignment plays a key role. The organizational assignment determines which data can be entered in which infotypes (such as the Basic Pay infotype: Salary for salaried employees and hourly wage for hourly wage earners). It also determines the default values.

If the Personnel Administration component is integrated with the Organizational Management component, you can link the data on the employee’s organizational assignment in Organizational Management to the data on the position. This link has practical consequences when processing the Actions and

Organizational Assignment infotypes.

For futher information see the following sections:

The Personnel Structure from the Organizational Perspective

Processing Actions Infotype (0000) if Organizational Management is Integrated

Processing Organizational Assignment Infotype (0001) if Organizational Management is Integrated

The organizational assignment is not only important for the authorization relationships and its effect on the payroll, but also as it determines which administrator is authorised to adminster an employee.

  • Personal Data

When you hire a new employee, you enter personal data such as name, date of birth, marital status, address(es), and bank details in the system.

  • Payroll-relevant data

Payroll data such as the employee’s basic pay, savings plans, and insurance and tax data is also maintained when you perform the Hiring personnel action type.

  • Contractual and Corporate Agreements

When you hire an employee, you also enter data which affects the employee’s legal contractual rights and their location specific working conditions and agreements.

  • Time data

Furthermore, you enter the employee’s planned working time and other data required by Time Management.

Assigning a Personnel Number

When an employee is hired, he or she is assigned one personnel number. You can either assign this personnel number (external number assignment) yourself, or it can be assigned automatically by the system (internal number assignment). You can use the system settings in Personnel Administration Customizing to determine whether personnel numbers are assigned automatically or not.

The applicant number which is stored in the Recruitment component for an applicant is not taken on as the personnel number.

If you enter a personnel number incorrectly, you can delete it. However, you should only delete personnel numbers in the test system.

See also:

Deleting a Personnel Number

When a new employee is hired, you can enter a reference personnel number in infotype 0000 Actions.

This creates a link between the various personnel numbers assigned to the same employee. The link remains in the system.

For further information on reference personnel numbers, see the

Reference Personnel Numbers (Infotype 0031) section.

Recording Entry Date

The entry date (start date for the validity period) is an important date for many procedures within Personnel Administration. For example, it is used to determine seniority and for payroll. You should enter the date on which the employee entered the company for the entry date. This date is also used in the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001).

In the standard system, December 31, 9999 is the default end date for the validity period. This means that the employee’s validity period is unlimited. Do not change this date for employees who have a permanent work relationship.

If, due to an error, the entry date you entered for an employee in the system does not correspond to the actual date on which the employee entered the company, you can change the employee’s entry date once the hiring action has been completed. However, we recommend that you only do this if it is really necessary.

For further information about how to correct the hiring personnel action after it has been carried out, see

Changing the Entry Date for an Employee.

Checking, Canceling, and Restarting the Hiring Personnel Action Type

You can check the data that you have entered by re-starting and re-running the Hiring personnel action type. Even if you do not have all the data that must be entered in the system, you can still carry out the action and then skip the individual infotypes whilst still in the personnel action. You can interrupt an action whenever you want to and restart it at a more appropriate point in time.

See also:

Skipping an Infotype During a Personnel Action

Interrupting and Restarting a Personnel Action

Transferring an Applicant

You can transfer the data on an applicant from Recuitment to Personnel Administration in different ways:

  • directly from Recruitment
  • or you can use the personnel actions types Transfer applicant data and Transfer other applicant data whilst in Personnel Administration to retrieve the applicant data from Recruitment.

For additional information, see the Transferring Applicant Data to Personnel Administration section in the PA - Recruitment section.

Integration With Organizational Management

Your decision as to whether to implement the Organizational Management application component has an immediate effect on how you perform the Hiring personnel action type. The different procedures are described in the following sections:

See also:

Hiring an Employee Without Integration With Personnel Planning

Hiring an Employee With Integration With Personnel Planning


You have entered all the necessary data for a new employee in the system using the Hiring personnel action type.