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 Customer Account Statement 


Type of correspondence that your company sends to its customers.

The system includes a SAPscript form that you can use for customer account statements for the Philippines, form F140_CUS_STAT_P1. You can modify this template to meet your company's requirements. To do so, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Tools

® Form printout ® SAPscript ® Form.


The following information is displayed in the template for the customer account statement:

  • Account balance at the start of the selected period
  • Open item list as of the key date, including the total

It is sorted by transactions with or without special G/L indicators, currency, posting date, and document number.

  • Account balance at the end of the selected period
  • Cleared item list between selected key dates

It is sorted by currency, posting date, and cleared item document number.

  • Withholding tax list between selected key dates

It is sorted by withholding tax type, posting date, and document number.

  • Aging in 0, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days


You can

print the customer account statement.

Note the following restrictions regarding customer statements:

  • You cannot create statements for one-time customers.
  • In the case of customer head offices with local branches, customer statements contain the address of the head office and not that of the branch.

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