Printing: Installing a New Printer


The following procedure is only for Ready-to-Run systems.


Ready-to-Run comes with four printer definitions already set up and ready for use from within your SAP Systems or from frontends. If you need to, you can add more printer definitions for printing from the SAP System.


Before installing a new printer, consider the following:

You can also set it up to print from another printer server if you want, for example, to integrate existing print servers into Ready-to-Run.

If you choose to access printers by way of other print servers or PCs, you will need to install the SAPLPD.EXE program on the print server or PC. SAPLPD routes output from the SAP System to the Windows Print Manager. You can find SAPLPD in the SAPGUI front end software on Ready-to-Run front-end PCs.

You must install and define the new printer in both the <DEV> test system and in the <PRD> production system.


  1. In the initial screen under SAP Easy Access choose User menu ® System Administration ® Spool Administration.
  2. Choose Configuration ® Output devices.
  3. In the list of output devices, choose Output devices ® Create. If you want to access the printer by way of the <DEV> or <PRD>, enter the following in the printer definition fields:

These settings correspond to the ones already preconfigured for the LP01 printer in Ready-to-Run systems.

  1. Save the new printer definition by choosing .


The printer is available for all users in the SAP System.

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