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Scheduling a Maintenance Plan for the First Time 


The following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • You have created a piece of equipment as test equipment.
  • You have assigned a task list (equipment task list or general task list) to the maintenance plan.
  • If you want to update the measurement documents in Plant Maintenance as an automatic follow-up action for the inspection lot, the following prerequisites also apply:
    • You have assigned a measuring point or counter to this piece of equipment. The characteristic of the measuring point/counter must have been created with reference to a class characteristic of the classification system.
    • You have created master inspection characteristics in Quality Management (QM). For more information, see Master Inspection Characteristics in the Quality Management component.

If you do not want to use this function, you can also work with task list inspection characteristics.

For more information about follow-up actions, see

Usage Decision for Inspection Lot.


  1. Choose Logistics
  2. ® Quality management ® Test equipment management ® Calibration planning ® Maintenance planning ® Scheduling.

    You reach the initial screen for scheduling a maintenance plan.

  3. Enter the number of the maintenance plan you want to schedule and choose Enter.
  4. You reach the Schedule Maintenance Plan screen.

  5. To start the scheduling function, choose Edit
  6. ® Start.

    The system makes the field Start of cycle ready for input.

  7. Enter the date for the required scheduling start and choose Enter.
  8. The system now automatically calculates the task list and maintenance call dates based on the maintenance packages and scheduling parameters.

  9. To display the call history, choose Goto ® Schedule ® Scheduled calls.
  10. You can cancel scheduling. Return to the Schedule Maintenance Plan screen and choose Edit ® Cancel scheduling.

    1. Save the scheduled maintenance plan.

    For more information about working with maintenance plans (for example, automatic scheduling), see PM - Maintenance Planning.


    The maintenance plan now contains maintenance calls which the system automatically releases for the due date (according to the setting of the scheduling parameters). You can also release the maintenance calls manually.

    When a maintenance call is released, the system automatically generates an inspection lot which you can process.

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    Rescheduling a Maintenance Plan