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Individual Development Plans 


An individual development plan is used as an instrument for planning and managing the personnel development measures of an individual employee.


Use individual development plans to plan and manage the training and further education of individual employees. Development plan items or even other

development plans are added to individual development plans to reflect the current requirements of employees. It does not matter if, for example, the item in question is an individual activity, an entire training program, or an activity catalog used for planning the careers of potential managers. You can tailor general development plans to individual persons.

You assign a status to every item in an individual development plan. This status allows you to monitor individual activities. In this respect, a development plan also documents in detail the personnel development history of an individual employee.


An individual development plan

  • Comprises all the items that a person has completed, is currently involved in, or will be involved in in future, and information on the validity period and status of the various items
  • Is created once for every person, and then added to and updated
  • Does not have a status


If the Training and Event Management component is used to book a person on a training course (business event), a corresponding item is created automatically in the person’s individual development plan.